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  • Pest Alert: Mummy Berry Disease in Blueberries
    Posted by Elina Coneva and Ed Sikora (Alabama Extension) Current wet and cooler than normal conditions are conducive for mummy berry disease in blueberry, according to Alabama Extension. Mummy berry disease is caused by the fungus Monilinia vacciniicorymbosi and is an important fungal disease of blueberries that can cause yield losses of up to 50% when […]
  • Georgia Watermelon Season Ramps Up Next Week
    By Clint Thompson Georgia’s watermelon harvest will ramp up next week. According to Samantha Kilgore, executive director of the Georgia Watermelon Association, acreage is projected to decrease this year to 19,000 acres. It would mark a significant drop from previous years’ harvests.  According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, from 2016-2018, Georgia averaged a harvest […]
  • Managing Floral Hemp Fertility in North Carolina
    Written By Jeanine Davis There are many questions coming in this spring on how to fertilize floral hemp (hemp grown for CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.). Research to develop those recommendations is still ongoing in North Carolina, but Michelle McGinnis with the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Agronomic Division, has prepared guidelines for us […]
  • UGA Extension helps Georgia Grown connect to consumers
    By Maria M. Lameiras for UGA CAES News Like the moments before a race begins, dozens of staff with Georgia Grown and University of Georgia Cooperative Extension prepared to load thousands of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables into hundreds of waiting cars and trucks stretched out in long lines at the Gwinnett Georgia Grown […]