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  • Biological Control of Sweetpotato Whiteflies With Predatory Mites in Squash
    By Lorena Lopez and Oscar E. Liburd The sweetpotato whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) is one of the most problematic pests in vegetable production in the world and it is a key pest in squash. Most significant damage caused by this pest is due to the transmission of viral diseases and its ability to rapidly develop resistance […]
  • Farming’s Future: How Will Technology Impact the Industry?
    What does the technological future look like for vegetable and specialty crop producers? In an era where they compete in a global marketplace against rising imports, producers can no longer rely on cheap land or labor; they must compete on the basis of technology and innovation. What does that future look like? Come find out at […]
  • Market Manipulation: Vegetable Farmers Vulnerable to Increasing Imports
    The vegetable and specialty crop sector is vulnerable to market manipulation. That makes what Mexico is accomplishing through its increased imports of cucumbers and squash dangerous for the future of the American farmer, claims Georgia farmer Dick Minor. “In 2018, the combined acres planted into fresh market cucumbers of the top five producing states was […]
  • Weekly Update: Clemson Extension Agents Provide Crop Updates
    Clemson Extension agents provide updates in the The South Carolina Grower this week about the status of various crops being produced throughout the state. Weekly Field Update-4/12/21 Statewide Dr. Matt Cutulle reports, “I am starting to see some goosegrass popping due to soil temperatures being 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Goosegrass will typically be problematic in more […]