Pheromone-Based Psyllid Control Not Viable

Daniel Cooper Brazil, Psyllids, Research

Studies with psyllid pheromones show that the insect’s behavior is altered when it is infected by the HLB-causing bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter (CLas). This makes it difficult to produce a commercial psyllid-control product based on the insect pheromone, Brazil’s Fundecitrus has concluded. “The sexual pheromone is an attractant produced by the female of the species, which promotes behavioral changes in male …


Citrus BMP Manual Being Revised

Daniel Cooper BMPs

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson has tasked his staff with reviewing and revising all of the best management practices (BMP) manuals that impact Florida agricultural operations in 2024. Revision work on the citrus BMP manual was undertaken by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Office of Agricultural Water Policy in 2020. However, that work was never …


Nutrition Remains a Critical Element as New Therapies Roll Out

Daniel Cooper Nutrition

Growers have largely adopted new trunk-injection therapies to fight the effects of HLB in citrus groves. In addition, plant growth regulators have helped improve tree health and fruit retention. One University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) scientist reminds growers to maintain their fertilizer programs as the new therapies are deployed.  Davie Kadyampakeni, UF/IFAS associate professor of …

Top Tailgater To Be Named at Florida Citrus Show

Morgan Cole Events, FCS24

Exhibitors are gearing up to compete for the Top Tailgater title at this year’s Florida Citrus Show. The reigning champion, Southern Citrus Nurseries, took home the title and $500 cash for their vegetable spring rolls last year. This year, they’re competing to be the two-year champion with virgin bloody mary oyster shots. Who will bring home the prize this year? …


All In For Citrus Podcast, February 2024

Daniel Cooper All In For Citrus Podcast, Nutrition

Florida citrus growers are now well into their second application of oxytetracycline (OTC) via trunk injection to treat HLB. Per the label of both registered OTC products, after two applications, there is a one-year treatment pause. So, growers will be formulating plans on what to do during the off-season for OTC-treated trees. That was the subject of discussion during the …

Endangered Species Act To Be Addressed at Florida Citrus Show

Morgan Cole Events, FCS24

During the Florida Citrus Show’s general session, Mike Aerts, Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association vice president, science and regulatory affairs, will address how the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is being used to challenge the registration of key crop protection materials. The ESA has already been used to knock down the use of two active ingredients specific to citrus. Currently, the …


Update on Chlorpyrifos Use

Daniel Cooper Pesticides, Regulation, Tip of the Week

By Brett Bultemeier, Mike Aerts and Lauren Diepenbrock On Dec. 28, 2023, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit revoked a previous decision related to chlorpyrifos tolerances for food. Chlorpyrifos is a broad-spectrum insecticide used in a variety of crops, including citrus. The original decision revoked all food tolerances, whereas this new ruling essentially reinstates them. This means …


Supply Challenges and Demand Solutions

Daniel Cooper Economics, Florida Department of Citrus

By Marisa L. Zansler The landscape of the Florida citrus industry has undergone significant transformations throughout its history. Over the past decade, it has faced substantial challenges in both supply and demand. Florida orange juice (OJ) production dropped by 85%, from 615 million gallons in the 2013–14 season to an estimated 94 million gallons in 2023–24. Even as imports increased …


Gulf Citrus Grower Panel Discusses Trunk Injection

Daniel Cooper Events, Gulf, HLB Management

The Gulf Citrus Growers Association recently hosted a grower panel at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Southwest Florida Research and Education Center in Immokalee to discuss experiences and results of trunk injection of oxytetracycline (OTC) to treat HLB. Participating in the panel were Ron English, Florida’s Natural Growers/Ranch 1; David Wheeler, Wheeler Farms; and …


Florida Citrus Part of USDA Plant Protection Funding

Daniel Cooper Florida, Pest Management

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is allocating more than $5 million to Florida for plant-health protection. The funding is part of a nationwide effort to strengthen the country’s infrastructure for pest detection, surveillance and mitigation, as well as protect the U.S. nursery system. Through the authority of the Plant Protection Act (PPA) Section 7721, USDA is providing more than …


Global Grapefruit Production to Rise

Daniel Cooper Crop Forecast, International

Global grapefruit production in 2023–24 is estimated up slightly from the prior year to 6.9 million tons, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) reported. A slight increase in China more than offset lower production in South Africa. World exports of grapefruit are projected to increase while fruit for processing is forecast to be lower. Here are …


Study Analyzes the Economics of Cover Crops

Daniel Cooper Cover Crops, Economics, Research

In the face of HLB in Florida, a recent study delved into the economic viability of incorporating cover crops in citrus groves to enhance soil health and overall tree well-being. Shourish Chakravarty and Tara Wade wrote an article, Cost Analysis of Using Cover Crops in Citrus Production, about the study. Both authors are with the University of Florida Institute of …

Oriental fruit fly

Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine Conditions Modified

Daniel Cooper California Corner, Pests, Regulation

Conditions for the movement of fresh citrus fruit from the Redlands Oriental fruit fly (OFF) quarantine area of San Bernardino and Riverside counties in California have been temporarily modified for the duration of the 2024 harvest season. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) announced the modification on Feb. 5. Due to the imminent …

South African

South African Orange and OJ Production

Daniel Cooper Crop Forecast, International

South African orange and orange juice (OJ) production are both forecast to decline slightly in 2023–24 compared to the prior season, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS). FRESH ORANGES Orange production in South Africa is forecast at 1.62 million metric tons (MMT). That’s a decrease of 1% from the prior season based on a …


Citrus Industry Survey Looks at Planting Intentions

Daniel Cooper Florida, planting, Survey

By Frank Giles Last month, results of the Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey showed a majority (84%) of growers had treated at least a portion of their groves with trunk-injection therapy. Will this new HLB treatment give growers confidence to plant new trees? Survey results indicate growers are putting trees into the ground. Here’s a look at more …

Peace River Valley

Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association Ceases Operations

Daniel Cooper Citrus, Florida

Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association (PRVCGA) is ending its 31-year run. After much consideration and deliberation, the association’s board of directors announced the decision to close down in a letter released Feb. 12 by Executive Director Emma Keller. The letter stated that the tough decision to close the association “comes after facing numerous challenges that have significantly impacted our …

field day

Field Day Features Mechanical Citrus Harvest

Daniel Cooper Events, Technology

By Frank Giles A recent field day showcased how technology might help citrus growers with two of their biggest challenges: sourcing labor and fighting HLB.  The event was held at Lost Lake Groves in Lake Placid, Florida, and featured machine harvest of citrus trees in an experimental super-high-density grove. The grove has 908 trees per acre and has been topped …


Greater Worldwide Production of Tangerines/Mandarins

Daniel Cooper Crop Forecast, International, Mandarins

Global production of tangerines/mandarins for 2023–24 is forecast to rise 3% over the prior year to 38 million tons, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) reported. The increase is mainly due to favorable weather in China and Turkey. Here’s the region-by-region forecast for tangerines/mandarins: China production is forecast 400,000 tons higher to 26.9 million tons due …


Tips for Trunk Injection of Oxytetracycline

Daniel Cooper HLB Management, Tip of the Week

By Ute Albrecht and Ozgur Batuman Follow these important tips for proper trunk injection of oxytetracycline as a citrus therapeutic. APPLICATION TIMING INJECTION TECHNIQUE ADDITIONAL ADVICE Ute Albrecht ( and Ozgur Batuman ( are associate professors at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Southwest Florida Research and Education Center in Immokalee. Sponsored ContentProtect Your Groves From …


Alico Reports Results for Early and Mid-Season Oranges

Daniel Cooper financial, Production

Alico, Inc.’s Citrus Division reported it had “significantly lower than anticipated” early and mid-season orange production for the fiscal quarter that ended Dec. 31, 2023. It blamed the reduction on the ongoing effects of 2022’s Hurricane Ian. Although the early and mid-season crops were lower than anticipated, Alico still harvested more boxes, produced more pound solids and received higher prices …