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Citrus Industry Magazine

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Citrus Industry magazine is read by all segments of the citrus industry, but primarily by citrus growers and citrus production managers. Growers and production managers make most buying decisions for products and services used in citrus groves. Growers are the actual owners of citrus groves; many of them also work and manage the groves themselves, especially in small operations. Production managers are hired citrus production experts who oversee citrus production, especially in larger operations. Grove supervisors who work for growers or production managers are also avid readers.
Experts in every other segment of the citrus industry also read Citrus Industry magazine monthly. They include grove product manufacturers, distributors and sales representatives – people often referred to as “allied members” of the citrus industry. Other regular readers include citrus researchers, citrus Extension agents, citrus association professionals and a host of government professionals who assist or regulate the citrus industry. Managers of citrus juice processing plants, fresh citrus packinghouses and citrus harvesting operations also read Citrus Industry.
Most magazine readers live and work in Florida. But hundreds of others working in citrus throughout the United States and the rest of the world also subscribe to Citrus Industry magazine.

Citrus Industry magazine is almost a centenarian, yet it remains the most relevant and informative citrus publication for growers and others in the citrus business.
When Sayer Loyal Frisbie cranked out the first issue of Citrus Industry in Florida in January 1920, virtually all of the Sunshine State’s citrus was packed for fresh consumption. Canning of citrus juice began soon after the magazine was founded, and frozen concentrated juice was developed in 1945. Today, the vast majority of Florida’s citrus goes to processing plants and becomes juice. Throughout all these product changes, Citrus Industry magazine has provided growers and other readers the information they need to stay competitive.
Three “killer” freezes in the 1980s further changed the face of the Florida citrus industry, drastically reducing acreage and crops. In recent decades, the diseases citrus canker and HLB, also known as greening, have further reduced acreage and crops. Citrus Industry magazine has continuously helped growers and others by providing information that can help them cope with production problems.
After staying in the founding Frisbie family’s hands for 85 years, Citrus Industry magazine was purchased by Southeast AgNet (now AgNet Media) in 2005. The mission remains the same: Provide the information that growers and others need in the effort to survive and be profitable.