How Negative Results in HLB Research Can Help Growers

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HLB research

Harold Browning

“Everyone wants to see positive results when we do a test” to see if something helps battle HLB, says Harold Browning, chief operations officer of the Citrus Research and Development Foundation. But, he adds, “not everything we test … is going to be able to solve this problem for us, though it may contribute in a small way.” He made those comments when discussing a field trial which indicated that soil microbial amendments didn’t seem to help trees with HLB. Numerous growers attended a December field day near Fort Pierce where the microbial trial results were released.

Browning says that even negative results like those in the microbial trials offer good information for growers. He explains that such results can help growers who are reducing their budgets decide which grove inputs to use. “In this realm, we really want to see what things work and what don’t,” he says. “And if they don’t work, that’s important too.”

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