Why Florida Orange Juice Is Best

Ernie NeffFlorida Citrus Commission

Florida orange juice

Ned Hancock

In a recent Florida Department of Citrus video, citrus grower and Florida Citrus Commissioner Ned Hancock told why he thinks Florida orange juice is the world’s best orange juice. He summarizes the reasons for that belief: “I think one is the climate that we’re in is greatly different than some other regions. We are more subtropical and citrus is, I think, more of a subtropical fruit.

“Also, the soils that we grow in are well-drained. They do a great job for growing citrus in an area where we get abundant rainfall. So we’re different from California, where they struggle with their rainfall. We’re different than South America, where there’s not as-well-drained soils, and they’re more of a tropical climate.

“We just have some advantages that others don’t, and I think that’s why historically we’ve always produced the freshest, best-tasting, safest orange juice in the world.”

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