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citrus industry magazineTechnology and equipment are the main themes of the July issue of Citrus Industry magazine.

Not to be missed in this issue is a cover story on University of Florida citrus breeder Fred Gmitter, written by senior correspondent Ernie Neff. The article explores the genetic technologies Gmitter is using to create improved citrus varieties. You’ll also learn some surprising facts about this well-respected scientist.

An in-depth feature on understanding soil-moisture sensor data will help citrus growers improve irrigation scheduling. The article is written by University of Florida’s Arnold Schumann and Laura Waldo.

Another University of Florida article describes methods for monitoring citrus tree health using the plant’s water-uptake rate. The authors describe the advantages and disadvantages of existing sap-flow measurement methods and discuss a new and improved technique they are developing.

In California, researchers are experimenting with using an in-field fogging technique for psyllid control. The idea is to prevent the transport of Asian citrus psyllids out of the grove. Learn more about the research in Len Wilcox’s California Corner feature.

Other articles in the July issue include an overview of the Moroccan citrus industry, an update on citrus leprosis and a report on Florida’s emerging carrot industry.

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