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Citrus Industry magazineWater is a key ingredient in achieving a healthy citrus crop, but too little or too much can be detrimental. Two articles in the April issue of Citrus Industry magazine address irrigation management. In the first article, growers will learn about irrigation scheduling methods and get production pointers for trees impacted by HLB and Hurricane Irma. The second article looks at irrigation methods California growers are using to help conserve their limited water resources.

In addition to maximizing water management, growers will also learn about making the most of their herbicide applications by reading the April issue of Citrus Industry. An article examines the concept of herbicide synergy, which is combining weed control products to increase their effectiveness. Research results from a recent trial comparing different herbicide mixes are presented.

Asian citrus psyllids aren’t the only pests citrus growers need to be concerned with. Rust mites, spider mites and broad mites can also pose serious problems. A feature in the April issue of Citrus Industry explains how to best monitor and manage mites in the grove.

The number of new citrus trees planted in Georgia has doubled in the past year, and continued growth is expected this year. Learn more about Georgia’s up-and-coming citrus industry in the April issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon to subscribers.

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