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Emerging biogenetic technologies are explored in two articles in the May issue of Citrus Industry magazine. University of Florida researchers discuss the tools they are using to try to win the battle against HLB. The first article takes a look at how scientists are experimenting with handheld gene guns and the citrus tristeza virus vector in order to improve citrus varieties. The second article explains how gene editing with CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) works. It includes how CRISPR differs from GMO (genetically modified organism) technology and what its limitations are.

If you missed the International Citrus Business Conference in Daytona Beach in March, you can read some of the highlights from the two dozen presentations that were made during the event. Attracting participants from 14 citrus-producing nations, the conference gave attendees a global perspective on today’s citrus industry challenges.

Pesticide safety and security is not only an important job aspect for all citrus growers, it’s the topic of this month’s CEU Central article. Growers in need of a core continuing education unit to renew their restricted-use pesticide license can do so by reading the article and passing the test.

Also not to be missed is the California Corner feature about a new HLB research facility. Learn more in the May issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon to subscribers.

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