California Citrus Crop Report Summary

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Grapefruit on the tree, near Navelencia, California

California Citrus Mutual reports that the California citrus crop summary for 2017 is now complete. The data shows a strong season for the state’s citrus growers.

The total value for all California citrus is about $3.84 billion. There are 324,360 acres, which produced 257,830 tons of citrus.

Navels continue to hold the number-one spot for acreage with 148,179 bearing acres and 150,486 total acres. Even though Navels have the most acreage, the total value came in second to mandarins at about $1.24 billion.

Mandarins, tangerines and tangelos took the number-one spot when it came to total value (about $1.35 billion). This value was derived from just 79,445 bearing acres and 814,175 tons of fruit. This category also had the highest non-bearing acreage with 2,990 acres.

Lemons had less bearing acreage than both mandarins and Navels, with only 51,196 acres. However, the tonnage came in second at 842,372 tons. The 2017 total value for lemons was about $816.5 million.

Valencias had a total value of about $280 million. This value came with about half of the lemon acreage (26,954 acres) and about half of the tonnage (439,181 tons).

Grapefruit had the smallest amount of bearing acreage at 9,469 acres, and the lowest tonnage at 153,095 tons. The total value for grapefruit came out to about $89.7 million.

California Citrus Mutual has provided a detailed county-by-county summary on its website at

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