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Four articles on grove management will give citrus growers food for thought in the July issue of Citrus Industry magazine.

The first article tells how one grower handles HLB. Del Murphy discusses production practices that have helped him cope with the disease. Bactericides, irrigation and nutrition management are among the topics he addresses.

The second article is for growers who want to learn more about preharvest fruit drop. University of Florida researchers discuss the problem from a tree health management perspective. They explain the relationship between HLB severity, fruit size and preharvest fruit drop.

In the third article, get tips on how to control the most difficult types of weeds found in Florida groves. Management methods for Guinea grass and goatweed are included.

Finally, the fourth article shares why and how citrus growers can enhance their integrated pest management efforts in the grove. The authors provide advice on determining application thresholds, monitoring psyllids, spray timing and more.

Find all this and additional articles in the July issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon online or to your mailbox.

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