FMC Citrus Ag Production Scholarship Program Will Launch at 2019 Citrus Expo

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FMC to award five scholarships to Florida students.

FMC, in collaboration with AgNet Media, announces a new scholarship program for students interested in citrus and horticultural studies at the University of Florida or Florida Southern College.

“FMC understands how important the next generation is to the citrus industry in Florida,” said Eric Johnson, FMC retail marketing manager. “We hope this scholarship will encourage college students to pursue careers related to citrus.”


The FMC Citrus Ag Production Scholarships (FMC CAPS) will award five $5,000 scholarships to students interested in pursuing a degree program in citrus and horticultural sciences. Launching at Citrus Expo 2019 in North Fort Myers, Florida, the program will offer two scholarships to Florida Southern College students and three scholarships to eligible students at the University of Florida.

“We believe investing in citrus education programs is one avenue to help revitalize the Florida citrus industry after the devastating impacts from citrus greening disease,” said Ryan Osborn, southeast region business manager for FMC.

“Today’s citrus industry is not for the faint of heart,” adds Gary Cooper, president and founder of AgNet Media. “To grow citrus successfully in Florida takes education, tenacity and resolve, as the industry stands at the threshold of a new beginning. The FMC Citrus Ag Production Scholarship will help attract a new crop of committed growers. AgNet Media is proud to be working with FMC on this bold new scholarship project.”

Florida’s citrus crop has dwindled to about one-third the size it was 20 years ago, primarily due to losses from citrus greening. Vectored by the Asian citrus psyllid, citrus greening impairs the citrus tree’s ability to take in nourishment resulting in smaller fruit. Currently, there is no cure for citrus greening, but controlling Asian citrus psyllid populations is a key management strategy.

Applications for FMC CAPS are due Dec. 1 and require a video essay submission. Those interested in learning more can go to for details or visit FMC in booth #319 at Citrus Expo 2019. Winners will be announced at Citrus Expo 2020.