Stormwater System Inspections Extended Until 2025

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Photo courtesy of Southwest Florida Water Management District

As part of the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s (District) Citrus Task Force initiative, the requirement for formal recertification of permitted agricultural stormwater management systems has been extended until 2025. The permittee is still responsible for periodically inspecting the system to ensure it is functioning as permitted and designed. This action was requested by stakeholders interviewed by the task force and is expected to save the agricultural community time and money by providing a more efficient process that requires no paperwork.   

In cases not involving an active drainage system compliance investigation, a permittee’s next routine stormwater system inspection will be Jan. 1, 2025. In the meantime, the permittee should periodically gather field verification (i.e., photos of each stormwater structure functioning as designed) of the District-permitted stormwater management system to document its performance. The permittee should maintain these files for his or her records.

“This time- and money-saving efficiency is just one way we are working with the agricultural industry while protecting our water resources,” District Executive Director Brian Armstrong said. “The estimated savings for the industry range from $250,000 to $500,000.”


If you have questions about this matter, please contact a member of the District’s agricultural team listed below.

Mark Luchte
800-320-3503, ext. 6522

Jeff Whealton
800-836-0797, ext. 6119

In addition to this stormwater management system permit extension, the task force has developed more options, in various stages of completion, aimed at addressing the agricultural community’s water resources concerns. An update on the progress of this initiative will be given at the District’s Dec. 3 Agricultural and Green Industry Advisory Committee meeting.

The District strives to work closely with the agricultural community to improve efficiencies and protect natural systems. For more information about the Citrus Task Force, contact Ross Morton at Visit for more water resources information.

Source: Southwest Florida Water Management District

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