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The January issue of Citrus Industry magazine offers management advice for controlling the most problematic pests found in Florida groves. While Asian citrus psyllids (ACP) remain the biggest challenge, there are other pests of concern that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Grower Chip Henry discusses his successful use of a natural insect control option that both organic and conventional growers may want to consider. He explains how diatomaceous earth has protected his grove from both psyllids and other pests.

University of Florida (UF) entomologist Lauren Diepenbrock tells growers what they need to know to keep non-psyllid, soft-bodied insects under control in citrus groves. She covers scales, whiteflies, aphids and mealybugs. Included in the article are details on the lebbeck melaybug, one of the newest pests found in Florida citrus.

UF entomologists Lukasz Stelinski and Jawwad Qureshi turn their attention to ACP management in their January article. They offer several tips for effectively minimizing ACP populations.

Other features in the January issue address the significance of the recent culturing of citrus greening bacterium as well as new sweet orange cultivars for processing that can be harvested throughout the Florida citrus season.

Find all these articles and more in the January issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon!

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