Sneak Peek: February 2020 Citrus Industry Magazine

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The February issue of Citrus Industry magazine lets growers know what diseases to be on the lookout for this season and how best to spot them in the grove.

University of Florida (UF) researchers Megan Dewdney and Evan Johnson give citrus growers tips on planning for disease management in 2020 in their article. Citrus canker, greasy spot, melanose, black spot and postbloom fruit drop are among the issues to be on alert for this year. The article provides summary information on management practices for each disease.

A re-emerging citrus disease in Florida, algal spot, is addressed separately in another article. Dewdney gives background information on the problem and discusses disease symptoms and updated management methods being developed.

One disease that is not currently in Florida groves but poses a threat to the Sunshine State is citrus leprosis. UF researchers provide details on what growers need to know about this disease. Citrus leprosis is currently widespread in South and Central America and is transmitted by false spider mites, which are found in Florida.

Scouting is an important first step in managing citrus pest and disease problems. In the February CEU Central article, growers will learn ways to improve their scouting skills. Matt Smith, UF Extension agent, takes an in-depth look at techniques and tools to enhance scouting efforts. Readers who pass the article’s test will receive one continuing education unit in the Core category toward the Florida restricted-use pesticide license.

Finally, don’t miss Brenda Eubanks Burnette’s feature on the newest members of the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony and Citrus Celebration Luncheon take place on March 6 at Florida Southern College in Lakeland. Tickets are still available.

Find all these articles and more in the February issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon!

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