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Drought conditions this spring have brought renewed attention to the importance of irrigation for Florida citrus growers. The May issue of Citrus Industry magazine includes two articles on irrigation that will help growers make the most of their water resources.

In the first article, growers will learn tips on how to keep their irrigation systems properly maintained. University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) authors Davie Kadyampakeni and Arnold Schumann describe common irrigation system problems and offer recommendations for solutions.

A second irrigation article compares different types of irrigation scheduling techniques. Pros and cons are discussed for the various choices. UF/IFAS authors Sandra Guzman and Rhuanito Ferrarezi explain evapotranspiration- and soil-based scheduling methods as well as techniques using the Florida Automated Weather Network and a citrus irrigation smartphone app.

An app for diagnosing citrus leaf symptoms is described in another article in the May issue by UF/IFAS authors Arnold Schumann, Perseverança Mungofa, Laura Waldo and Chris Oswalt. This new tool uses artificial intelligence to identify citrus pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies. Growers will soon be able to use this app in the grove for quick, accurate diagnosis of problems.

With training classes cancelled due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, many growers are scrambling to get enough continuing education units (CEUs) to keep their restricted-use pesticide licenses updated. The May issue of Citrus Industry magazine will provide a free and easy way for license holders to earn a CEU in the Core category. Simply read the article titled “Avoiding harmful effects of pesticides” in the May issue and pass the accompanying test to earn one Core CEU. The article is written by UF/IFAS Extension agent Juanita Popenoe.

Find all these articles and more in the May issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon.

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