Control Phytophthora in Citrus Crops

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One of the most damaging pathogens for citrus crops continues to be Phytophthora, a soilborne pathogen that attacks the root systems and affects the entire citrus tree. As the pathogen degrades the tree’s root system, above ground symptoms such as slowed growth, chlorotic foliage and reduced fruit size intensify. Eventually, this may result in the death of the tree.

Phytophthora can appear on citrus trees through a variety of symptoms. Phytophthora gummosis causes sap to ooze from small cracks in infected bark until the damaged bark eventually cracks and falls off, while tree leaves yellow and eventually drop. Phytophthora root rot also cause leaves to yellow and fall off. Other symptoms include destroyed feeder roots, nutrient deficiencies and water stress.

Orondis® fungicide uses the active ingredient oxathiapiprolin with its unique mode of action to significantly reduce Phytophthora propagule counts. Propagules are vegetative reproductive structures and reducing those of Phytophthora helps control diseases such as root rot, brown rot, citrus foot rot, gummosis and trunk canker in citrus.

Orondis is effective at very low rates and can be applied as a soil spray, a foliar application treatment or through micro-sprinkler or drip irrigation. However, Orondis should be used for either soil applications or foliar applications, but not both. Protecting your roots with Orondis can improve root mass, aiding in water and nutrient use and improving root health. These improvements can mean better yields and higher profit potential.

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