South African Citrus to Arrive in U.S.

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Easy Peeler clementines

Summer Citrus from South Africa announced in late May that its first vessel of the year to the United States will arrive at the New York port soon. The vessel will deliver Easy Peeler clementines. More Easy Peelers and some Navel oranges will arrive in Philadelphia in late June. During peak season, Star Ruby grapefruit and Cara-Cara oranges will also be available.

“This year we’re expecting some of the most top quality and excellent eating quality fruit we’ve seen in recent years,” said Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus from South Africa. “The timing of the 2020 harvest is aligning with the recent increase in demand of citrus due to COVID-19.”

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Summer Citrus from South Africa manages supply based on demand from the end of May through October. The organization represents a group of citrus growers who consolidate their logistics, marketing and sales efforts to bring citrus fruit to market during the U.S. summer season. The group was established in 1999 and rebranded for expanded marketing efforts in 2016. It provides Navels, Midknights, Easy Peelers, Star Ruby grapefruit and Cara-Cara oranges to the U.S. market.

See a video about the group’s growers.

Source: Summer Citrus from South Africa

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