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The July issue of Citrus Industry magazine focuses on what’s new in rootstock research.

When choosing a rootstock in the Sunshine State, the best place for a grower to start is with the Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide. This newly updated University of Florida (UF) resource now includes an interactive web version to help simplify the process of picking a rootstock. An article on the guide explains how growers can best use it to their advantage.

A new column called Extension Connection debuts in the magazine this month. Authored by UF Extension agents, the column will cover a variety of topics of interest to growers. In July, Juanita Popenoe discusses various rootstock and cultivar trials growers and researchers have underway in the central and northern parts of Florida.

In another article, UF and U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists report on the newest rootstocks in the citrus breeding pipeline. They also share websites where growers can follow the latest rootstock research.

An additional feature in the July issue looks at rootstock effects on Valencia and Hamlin in large-scale Florida commercial groves. Results are shared for more than 30 different rootstocks.

Researchers are also examining how rootstocks and scions affect orange juice flavor. A July article reports on consumer ratings of two Orie Lee Late sweet orange varieties on three different rootstocks.

Besides learning the latest rootstock research, Citrus Industry readers can also gain knowledge on growing finger limes in Florida. A feature discusses the lessons researchers have learned so far about producing this potential crop.

Find all these articles and more in the July issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon.

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