Teal Earns Top Farm Bureau Award

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Lowell Teal

Lowell Teal, former executive director of the Orange County Farm Bureau, received Florida Farm Bureau’s most prestigious honor, the Distinguished Service Award. Florida Farm Bureau President John Hoblick presented the award on Oct. 8.

Of special interest to the citrus industry, Teal is credited with being instrumental in pioneering the microsprinkler irrigation system for Florida citrus growers statewide. In addition to providing the irrigation trees need, microsprinkler systems provide cold protection during freezes. Read more about the use of microsprinklers for freeze protection.

The Farm Bureau termed Teal “a tireless advocate for farmers at the local, state and national level. He worked with Orange County elected officials on various agricultural issues including private property rights and natural resource conservation.”

“Lowell Teal served Farm Bureau with dedication, skill and passion,” Hoblick said. “He was a steadfast leader and a respected mentor to everyone he met.”

A video about Teal stated that he was an agricultural advocate for more than 40 years, and was Orange County Farm Bureau executive director for more than two decades.

“He could bring consensus among his entire board. He could bring consensus among his county commissioners,” Hoblick said in the video. “He was a consensus builder. He was also the kind of person that after you had a conversation with him, you felt like he was your best friend.”

Orange County Farm Bureau board member Robbie Roberson said Teal went to the state Legislature and Orange County government leaders “numerous times … defending ag issues and ag stances.”

“I never went to a Farm Bureau function that I didn’t feel totally welcomed … I felt like we’d accomplished something when we left,” Teal said in the video.

Source: Florida Farm Bureau

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