Copper Fungicides: The Essential Tool for Citrus Growers

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One of the main issues for citrus crop growers is the quick spread of fungal and bacterial diseases due to warm, wet growing conditions. Without proper methods to prevent and control diseases, crop yield can be greatly reduced, and groves can become ruined. How do you produce a healthy citrus crop while keeping diseases under control?

For generations, growers have turned to copper fungicides to prevent and control the spread of diseases in citrus. Coppers are not only effective in disease control, but they also have a variety of other benefits to take into consideration.

  1. Coppers act as a type of “medicine” for citrus trees. Since copper is an essential micronutrient, it can aid plant nutrition and proper plant growth. Copper deficiency causes deformation in crop growth, such as dark green and enlarged leaves, slender stems, and limbs that die back and become gummy.
  • Coppers provide a long-term solution for disease control. Copper fungicides are proven to prevent and extend protection from disease when applied according to instructions. Some copper fungicides feature a small particle size, more bioavailability, and outstanding rainfastness. For full coverage as fruit grows, spray frequently according to label instructions.
  • Coppers are a cost-effective choice for citrus growers. The high surface area to mass ratio of very small copper particles in copper fungicide maximizes adhesion to crop plant surfaces, which increases efficacy and prevents the spread of disease, which could cost growers a lot more in the long run.

For excellent disease protection, Kocide fungicide/bactericide provides the most technologically advanced concentration of biologically active copper ions while preserving plant safety. Its trusted, proven, and reliable formulation combined with more disease control per pound of copper delivers less environmental impact and superior efficacy against disease.

Kocide® 2000-O: A copper hydroxide fungicide/bactericide for control of diseases on citrus, vegetable, field, fruit and tree nut crops. It is ideal for aerial, ground dilute or ground concentrate spray application for crop protection before the onset of disease.

Kocide® 3000-O: This product features BioActive™ technology for lower metallic copper use rates and excellent disease protection in citrus, apples, tree fruit, tree nuts, grape vines, vegetables and numerous other crops. It is an outstanding dry flowable formulation for easy handling, mixing and use.

For healthier citrus crops, choose the most trusted copper on the market. Certis USA offers copper fungicides that are effective for use in IPM programs, contain a high bio-available copper formulation, maintain optimum particle size, have outstanding coverage and rainfastness, and offer excellent mixing and handling with lower rates and more control than competitors. Kocide coppers are effective for use against a variety of disease pathogens in citrus, including early blight, late blight, citrus canker, greasy spot, anthracnose, and more.

Certis USA’s portfolio of biopesticides offer many benefits. They maintain short REIs, zero day PHI, resistance and residue management, application flexibility, and better harvest management for citrus growers.

To learn more, visit the full  Certis Citrus Portfolio.