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A 25 percent tariff placed on Florida grapefruit in Europe has had some impact on retail supply, Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) Director of Global Marketing Samantha Lane told the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) in early February. The FCC is the FDOC’s governing board.

Lane said the FDOC worked with the European industry to ensure Florida-loyal retailers continued to have the support they needed to promote Florida grapefruit. In France, grapefruit retail promotions include digital activations, point-of-sale (POS) materials and social media. In Pan-Europe, retail promotions have similarly moved to digital platforms with continued use of POS materials and social media.

Lane provided an update on global marketing programs for the season, highlighting some of the unique ways the markets are reaching consumers. She said the FDOC’s international programs continue to run smoothly despite restrictions on in-store activations due to the pandemic.


In Japan, digital videos play in stores to share the Florida difference to consumers shopping in the produce section. A new Grapefruit Drug Interaction program is targeting the growing population of aging Japanese consumers who may be concerned about whether they can continue to consume grapefruit.

In South Korea, there is a heavier emphasis this season on reaching consumers through paid media advertising highlighting Florida grapefruit and carryout and delivery food-service options. For orange juice, work continues to reach consumers through media, online retail promotions and social media.

ln Canada, orange juice promotions include a launch of The Original Wellness Drink campaign and social media programs aimed at growing the audience, including those in Quebec. For fresh orange promotions, an in-store event featuring a giveaway of reusable straws is taking the place of serving fresh-squeezed Florida oranges due to pandemic restrictions. On the grapefruit side, a promotion providing loyalty club points for purchases of bags of Florida grapefruit is currently underway.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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