Growing Matters: Four Rs Protect Bees, Keep Efficacy and Save Money

Daniel Cooper Growing Matters


Industry leaders recommend the Four Rs as a guide for applicators and producers. The guidelines are critical for protecting pollinators, retaining product efficacy and ultimately saving the producer money.

In the latest episode of the BeSure! campaign from the Growing Matters Coalition, Syngenta’s Agronomic Service Representative Garrett Gilcrease said the Four Rs include the right place, right time, right rate and the right product. “The biggest thing we come down to is environmental impact, bees, beneficials, and just the overall impact of using products in general and saving money is getting the most out of it as you can,” he said.

“If we go with the wrong products at the wrong rate, the wrong time or the wrong place, you’re going to have to come back in again quicker,” Gilcrease noted. “That means spending more money on applying stuff that you shouldn’t have had to do before.”

Listen to Gilcrease’s full interview.

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