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There is no arguing that citrus greening has been the biggest change to the industry in the past 16 years. The disease is causing growers to do things differently. Researchers are helping growers adapt to change and find new solutions. Some of this research can be found in the June issue of Citrus Industry.

One of the problems exacerbated by citrus greening is fruit drop. This season, Florida growers reported especially high incidences of drop. The question arose as to when to harvest fruit. Pick it early to avoid further drop, or delay harvest to achieve higher Brix levels? University of Florida’s (UF) Ariel Singerman and Steve Futch address this question.

Citrus greening has changed the way growers feed their trees. Growers have adjusted how often and how much they fertilize. Now researchers are taking a closer look at how trees respond to various nutrient programs. A UF study is looking at how seven different fertilization treatments affect canopy response, yield and root health. Find out what the researchers have learned so far.

Standard operating procedure for sting nematode management is another area that may soon be changing in Florida citrus. Research results from the second year of a UF study show that cover crops are proving much more effective at reducing sting nematode populations than nematicides.

For one citrus-growing operation, production practices are not the only thing that’s changing. IMG Citrus recently announced a change in leadership for the company. The change involves both who is leading the company and how it is being led. As the next generation takes the helm, a unique co-CEO structure will allow three siblings to lead the business into the future. Find out how they plan to do it in the June cover story.

Read these articles and more in the June issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon.

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