FFVA Creates Stuart Scholarship

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The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association (FFVA) has created the Mike and Karen Stuart Scholarship. The scholarship encourages and supports college students who intend to pursue a career in the specialty crop industry. The specialty crop industry is an area of agriculture focused on vegetables, citrus, tropical fruit, berries, sod, sugar cane, tree crops and more.

Applicants may be interested in either production agriculture (growing, shipping, packing) or the allied industry (fertilizer and crop protection, equipment, food safety, sales and marketing, etc.). The scholarship is in recognition of the devotion and many years of service to the specialty crop industry that Mike and Karen Stuart provided.

Mike Stuart, who was inducted into the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame in 2019, served 26 years as FFVA’s president. At the federal level, Stuart helped craft critical fruit and vegetable investment programs as co-chair of the Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance, and he held several government advisory positions to ensure trade agreements reflected the interests of the specialty crop industry.

The scholarship is open to those who are in college, from the junior year through graduate programs. Applicants must have a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or above. Applicants must be Florida residents and provide a transcript with GPA and submit an application form, including two letters of reference, by July 15, 2021.

The scholarship is for two years. Two scholarships will be awarded each year. Priority may be given to a member of FFVA, either by family or an intern/employee of an FFVA member company.

FFVA is a full-service organization serving Florida’s grower/shipper community since 1943. FFVA represents a broad range of crops: vegetables, citrus, tropical fruit, berries, sod, sugar cane, tree crops and more. Its mission is to enhance the competitive and business environment for producing and marketing fruits, vegetables and other crops.

Source: Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association

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