Floridians Consider Farming Important

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An overwhelming 98% of Floridians consider farming and ranching important, according to the findings of a survey recently conducted by the Tyson Group among registered voters statewide.

“We’re humbled to see the overwhelming support from Florida voters for the hard work and commitment of our farmers,”  said Gene Adams, chair of the Florida Ag Coalition. “These survey findings indicate that Florida families truly do count farmers among their many blessings.”

When voters were asked if they approve of the job Florida farmers have done to keep grocery stores supplied with fresh food during the pandemic, 93% agreed with 78% in strong agreement. In addition, 92% of Florida voters recognized the importance of a domestic food supply to feed Florida families.

“Rarely do we see such overwhelming support for an industry,” said Ryan Tyson of the Tyson Group. “But during this past year, we’ve seen voters recognize and acknowledge what is truly important in life, and safe, wholesome food is clearly top among them. Florida’s farmers are the best in the world, and our voters are grateful for them.”

The survey also showed strong consensus in support of the key role that farming plays in ensuring a safe, wholesome food supply: 90% recognize that America depends on Florida for fresh produce during the winter months; and 88% appreciate that Florida farms produce safe, wholesome and sustainable food. Eight in 10 respondents (or 79%) know the valuable role Florida farmers play in protecting the environment and natural resources.

The survey was conducted May 6-11 among a sample of 850 registered voters across Florida. Questions were asked via phone on both land lines and cell phones.

The Florida Ag Coalition is comprised of more than two dozen groups that represent thousands of farmers, growers and ranchers across Florida.

Source: Florida Ag Coalition

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