Wilbur-Ellis Offers $25,000 Student Innovation Award

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In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Wilbur-Ellis is launching the Wilbur-Ellis Innovation Award. A $25,000 prize for the best idea presented is intended to encourage young people to find innovative ways to feed a growing world population.

The Innovation Award invites student teams from U.S. colleges and universities to propose new and better approaches for providing food for more people. The company says that is a critical imperative, since the world population is expected to increase by 2 billion people by the year 2050.

The teams could explore more efficient and sustainable ways to produce, distribute, prepare or package food. Teams might look at alternative food ingredients, reducing food waste or finding new ways to alleviate food insecurity.

Each member of a student team must register to participate in the Innovation Award Competition. Registration is open through April 4, 2022, the deadline for submitting proposals. Learn registration details at the Wilbur-Ellis Innovation Award web page. Although the award competition is only open to U.S.-based student teams (undergraduate or graduate) in the first year, the company has a goal of expanding to other countries in the future.

In June 2022, the $25,000 award will be presented to the team that submits the best proposal, and $5,000 honorable mention awards may also be given.

“We hope the award encourages young people to think creatively and bring forward promising new ideas,” said Wilbur-Ellis President and Chief Executive Officer John Buckley.

“When my grandfather founded Wilbur-Ellis 100 years ago, he wanted to build something that would last … that would improve people’s lives,” said John Thacher, executive chairman of the Wilbur-Ellis board of directors. “The Innovation Award is one more way to make a positive difference.” 

Wilbur-Ellis is a global services leader in precision agriculture technology and products, and in-market expansion services in the animal feed and specialty chemicals industries.

Source: Wilbur-Ellis

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