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Everyone seems to get busier during December as the holidays near. With the harvest season in full swing, this is especially true in the Florida citrus industry. Amidst the rush to complete holiday preparations and tend to never-ending grove tasks, it’s a good idea to pause for a moment to consider farm safety issues.

The December issue of Citrus Industry magazine includes two articles on crucial safety issues.

First, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Extension agent Ajia Paolillo discusses ways to limit pesticide exposure in her article. She reminds growers of important Worker Protection Standard requirements for pesticide handlers. Her article details the four routes of entry (dermal, oral, ocular and inhalation) that pesticides can enter the body and what to do if this happens.

The second safety article helps growers prepare for Produce Safety Rule inspections that are currently underway on Florida farms. The UF/IFAS authors tell what records must be kept and the required areas of worker training. They also share helpful resources available to growers.

An additional topic addressed in the December issue is UF/IFAS research on the use of pummelo interstocks to improve the performance of HLB-infected trees. Learn what interstocks have significantly increased Brix and pound solids in Valencia oranges grown on Swingle rootstocks.

UF/IFAS entomologist Lauren Diepenbrock provides an update on some of the newer tools being incorporated in citrus resets. This includes the use of reflective mulch, individual protective covers, kaolin and monthly insecticide sprays.

Finally, be sure to see the December Pulpwash column for some exciting news on who’s joining the Citrus Industry magazine editorial team.

Find all these articles and more in the December issue of Citrus Industry, coming soon.

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