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DPH Biologicals

Douglas Plant Health announced it has changed its name to DPH Biologicals. The new name recognizes the century-long commitment of its parent company, Douglas Products, to deliver effective and high-quality products to its customers while more clearly focusing on expanding its biologicals product platform to deliver value to customers by sustainably increasing productivity, yield and profitability.

In 2018, the assets of AgriEnergy Resources and Growth Products were acquired to form Douglas Plant Health. Over the next three years, complementary technologies were brought together and further developed to meet customer needs. Today, DPH Biologicals was created to further scale the business and expand access to one of the most complete biofertility solutions available – SP-1 Classic.

“As supply chain challenges escalate and fertilizer shortages loom, uncertainty remains as to how growers will fertilize their crops. In addition to our name change … we are also announcing plans to scale production of our flagship biofertilizer to help meet the immediate market demand for expanded fertility options and ensure growers access to a leading biological product to sustinably manage yield and margin per acre,” said Mick Messman, DPH Biologicals president and chief executive officer.

SP-1 technology is the basis for an expanded biofertility platform, TerraTrove, which will include a stable of biological solutions designed to improve soil fertility and maximize nutrient uptake.

When used with in-furrow starter fertilizers, growers can replace up to 50% of synthetic fertilizer. SP-1’s easy-to-use liquid formulation seamlessly integrates into broad acre application practices, including broadcast, in-furrow, drip and fertigation.

In addition, DPH Biologicals is investing in its customer-facing commercial and technical teams and focusing its research and development on biological innovation.

“We look forward to sharing our news with our partners and customers as we work together to ensure another successful growing season,” said Messman.

Source: DPH Biologicals

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