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The March issue of Citrus Industry magazine includes an abundance of advice on getting trees off to a good start.

Citrus Industry

According to citrus grower Brad Turner, healthy soil is key to setting up trees for success. In his article, he gives growers pointers on soil preparation prior to planting. Other topics he addresses include mulch considerations, nutritional needs, pest management and more.

Individual protective covers (IPCs) are becoming more widely used in groves, thanks to their ability to exclude the Asian citrus psyllid. Now, new University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) research offers two more reasons to use IPCs: improved yield and better fruit quality. There are big differences in preharvest fruit drop numbers when comparing covered and uncovered trees. Read the details provided by authors Fernando Alferez, Ute Albrecht, Susmita Gaire, Ozgur Batuman, Jawwad Qureshi and Mongi Zekri.

Many growers planting Bingo, a mandarin hybrid, have reported problems with stem dieback in young trees. UF/IFAS research by Christopher Vincent, Megan Dewdney and Liliana Cano has resulted in recommended practices to prevent this problem. Find out what the researchers learned in their article.

In another article, UF/IFAS researchers report on their most recent work with tools aimed at protecting resets from Asian citrus psyllids and citrus greening. Lauren Diepenbrock, Davie Kadyampakeni, Dewdney and Vincent discuss IPCs, kaolin and pesticide applications. Their article details the effects these tools have on insects and mites, pathogens, plant growth and more.

Also included in the March issue is an article on senior citrus growers Jim Ellis and Dudley Putnam. Citrus Industry magazine’s Ernie Neff tells the story of their decades-long friendship.

Finally, don’t miss the feature from Georgia Citrus Association’s Lindy Savelle on how a grower quickly reacted to a recent citrus greening find in his Grady County grove.

Find all of these articles and more in the March issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon! To get the magazine, sign up here for a print or digital subscription.

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