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While many citrus growers use similar strategies to cope with HLB, no two approaches are exactly the same. One grower who uses a very different method to manage citrus greening is Chip Henry. In the May cover story of Citrus Industry magazine, he tells how growing organically has helped him successfully fight the disease.

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Sometimes, production practices aimed at protecting fruit may come with negative side effects. Such is the case with individual protective covers (IPCs). While IPCs do an excellent job safeguarding trees from Asian citrus psyllids and leafminers, other pests and pathogens can penetrate the mesh bags. A team of University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) researchers tell what pests and pathogens to look out for in IPCs in their article.

While herbicides are necessary to reduce weeds in citrus groves, these chemicals can cause unintended consequences if not used properly. That’s the subject of another UF/IFAS research article this month. Citrus growers will learn how to diagnose herbicide phytotoxicity issues in their groves. Identifying the herbicide mode of action is the first step in the process.

Citrus trees thrive in Florida’s hot, humid climate, but too much heat can be a bad thing. Anirban Guha and Christopher Vincent’s article examines how high summer temperatures can take a toll on trees. The UF/IFAS researchers tested 22 citrus varieties for heat tolerance. Find out what they learned.

Finally, citrus growers have an opportunity this month to earn one continuing education unit in the Core category toward a Florida restricted-use pesticide license. Matt Smith’s article on how weather affects pesticide applications contains valuable information growers can use to ensure they are getting the most from their sprays.

Find all these articles and more in the May issue of Citrus Industry magazine, coming soon.

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