Mexfly Actions Taken in Texas

Josh McGillPests, Regulation, Texas

Federal and state authorities recently established one Mexican fruit fly (Mexfly) quarantine in Texas and expanded another. The actions were taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).

Mexican fruit flies lay eggs in grapefruit during a laboratory test.
(Photo by Jack Dykinga, USDA)

On April 8, the agencies established a Mexfly quarantine in Weslaco, Hidalgo County, Texas. They established the Weslaco quarantine following the confirmed detection of a mature mated female Mexfly from a trap in a sweet orange tree in a citrus grove. The Weslaco quarantine encompasses 71 square miles with 1,104 acres of commercial citrus.

On March 31, APHIS and TDA expanded the Palmview, Hidalgo County quarantine area following the confirmed detection of five adult Mexflies from traps in various citrus trees in residential areas and citrus groves. The Palmview quarantine area expanded from 163 square miles to 266 square miles, and the affected commercial citrus acreage increased from 2,809 acres to 4,047 acres.

APHIS works cooperatively with TDA to eradicate transient Mexfly populations through various control actions per program protocols and in applying safeguarding measures and restrictions on the interstate movement or entry into foreign trade of regulated articles from these areas. These actions are necessary to prevent the spread of Mexfly to non-infested areas of the United States.

Additional information about the Mexfly quarantine areas can be obtained from APHIS’ Fruit Fly National Policy Manager Richard Johnson by calling 301-851-2109.

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Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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