Australia Fresh Orange Production to Dip

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Australia fresh orange production of 505,000 metric tons (MT) is forecast for marketing year 2022–23. That’s a 6% decrease from 535,000 MT in 2021–22, when production was the highest since 2004–05. The forecast was reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS). 

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The major orange production areas in Australia are in the southern temperate climate regions. These regions are known as:

  • Riverina – located in southern New South Wales around Griffith and Leeton
  • Murray Valley – located along the Murray River in the northwest of Victoria mostly between Mildura and Swan Hill
  • Riverland – located along the Murray River in the northwest of South Australia

These three regions have a total orange production area of 15,321 hectares (ha) and represent 88% of the national area. Nationally, navel oranges have a total of 11,253 ha and Valencia oranges have 6,408 ha. The total national planted area of navel and Valencia oranges has increased by 15% from 15,307 ha in 2014 to 17,661 ha in 2021. During this period, the area of Valencia oranges has declined by 3%, and the area of navel oranges has increased by 29%.

The Riverina area is by far the largest producer of oranges. Around 54% of its total production area is Valencia, and it represents 65% of the national area of juicing oranges. There are other small orange-producing areas in northern New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

The harvest period in the three major production regions for navel oranges is typically from May to October. For Valencia oranges, it is usually from November to February. Some of the highest quality Valencia oranges are sold in the fresh market rather than being juiced.

Around 90% of the non-juicing orange varieties are navel oranges. The majority of the juicing varieties (86%) are Valencias.

Fresh orange exports are forecast at 180,000 MT in 2022–23, a 35,000 MT increase over the 2021–22 estimate of 145,000 MT.

Orange imports are forecast at 15,000 MT in 2022–23, a 5,000 MT increase from an estimated 10,000 MT in 2021–22.

See the full USDA FAS citrus report for Australia here.

Source: USDA FAS

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