Small Drops for Chinese Citrus Crops

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Chinese production of tangerines/mandarins and grapefruit/pomelos in 2022–23 are both forecast to dip slightly from prior year levels. The forecast was issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS).


Production of tangerines and mandarins is forecast at 26.5 million metric tons (MMT) in 2022–23, compared to 27 MMT the prior year. The forecast reflects reduced production volumes from unfavorable weather, as well as reduced planting areas due to the HLB that is spreading across Guangxi province.

Chinese imports of tangerines and mandarins in 2022–23 are forecast at 60,000 metric tons (MT), up slightly from 2021–22. South Africa, Australia, Peru and Chile are the main suppliers, with South Africa accounting for more than half of China’s mandarin imports.

Exports of tangerines and mandarins in 2022–23 are forecast at 570,000 MT, up slightly from 566,000 MT the prior year.

China’s 2022–23 grapefruit/pomelo production is forecast at 5.15 MMT, slightly down from the previous year. 

Imports of grapefruit (including pomelo) in 2022–23 are forecast at 120,000 MT, up from 111,000 MT the prior year due to continual demand for fresh, imported varieties from Thailand. Traders also expect China to increase imports from South Africa. South Africa continues to be the largest grapefruit supplier to the Chinese market, representing over 60% of China’s total imports. Other suppliers include Thailand, Israel and Egypt.

Grapefruit and pomelo exports in 2022–23 are forecast at 115,000 MT, slightly below the 117,000 MT exported in 2021–22. Industry insiders mentioned that the energy crisis in Europe and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war hinders trade between China and European countries. Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania and Russia used to be major importers of Chinese pomelos in Europe.

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Source: USDA FAS

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