Organic Citrus Sales Decline

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Fresh organic citrus sales took a downward turn in 2022, posting year-over-year losses in both U.S. dollar sales (-1.6%) and volume sales (-5.2%). The Organic Produce Network, in its State of Organic Produce 2022 report, called that a “stark contrast” to organic citrus’ double-digit sales gains in 2021.

Organic Citrus Sales

Despite the sales downturn, citrus snagged the No. 7 (up from No. 9 the prior year) volume spot among organic produce categories in 2022 and had a price premium of 44% over conventional citrus. Organic citrus posted volume sales of 98 million pounds, far behind organic volume leader bananas, which had sales of 508 million pounds. Organic carrots, berries, apples, packaged salads and potatoes also exceeded citrus in volume sales. Citrus did not make the top-10 organic produce dollar sales list.

The Northeast U.S. was the worst performing sales region for organic citrus in 2022, with a 5.3% decline in dollar sales from 2021 and a 9% decline in volume sales. Northeast dollar sales were $55 million; volume was 20 million pounds.

Dollar sales in the West were $75 million (down 1.3% from 2021), and volume sales were 30.2 million pounds (up 1.3%).

The Midwest had dollar sales of $36.2 million (down 1.7% from 2021) and volume sales of 14.9 million pounds (down 7.6%).

In the South, dollar sales were $84 million (down 0.7% from 2021), and volume sales were 31.5 million pounds (down 8.1%).

Overall, organic fresh produce dollar sales in the United States grew by 3% in 2022 while volume sales declined by 3.7%. Total fresh produce dollar sales were $9.4 billion; volume sales totaled 2.8 billion pounds.

In 2022, organic fresh produce made up 12% of all fresh produce dollar sales and accounted for 7% of total fresh produce volume.

See the full State of Organic Produce 2022 report here.

Source: Organic Produce Network

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