Georgia Citrus Development Act Introduced

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U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff is leading the charge to support Georgia’s farmers and strengthen the state’s growing citrus industry. He introduced the Georgia Citrus Development Act of 2023to ensure Georgia citrus growers are represented when guiding key decisions for the industry.

Georgia Citrus Development

Sen. Ossoff’s bill would add a new Georgia member to the Citrus Disease Subcommittee (CDS), a national policy council created by Congress in 2014 to advise the U.S. secretary of agriculture on advancing industry-related research needed to combat citrus diseases and pests.

“Georgia citrus fruits, like the legendary Georgia satsuma, are world-renowned and fast becoming even more popular. I am a champion for Georgia’s citrus growers, and this bill will ensure they have a seat at the table as policies impacting citrus growers are made,” said Ossoff.

The CDS was established by Congress in the 2014 farm bill to advance federal research on citrus diseases and how to mitigate these issues. The CDS advises the U.S. secretary of agriculture on best practices for combating citrus diseases and pests that harm crops, helping advance research across the citrus industry.

Earlier this year, Sen. Ossoff heard directly from citrus growers in Ochlocknee, Georgia, about the needs of their growing industry and how he can best fight for them in the Senate. 

Sen. Ossoff continues working to ensure Georgia’s agricultural community and farmers have the information, resources and technology they need to deliver food and goods across Georgia and nationwide. In January, following Sen. Ossoff’s months-long behind-the-scenes push, the Republic of India announced a major 70% cut to tariffs on U.S. pecan exports, a big win for Georgia farmers.

Sen. Ossoff has also been working to open more international markets for Georgia’s farmers and growers to export more products.

Read the Georgia Citrus Development Act of 2023 here.

Source: Sen. Jon Ossoff

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