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Freeze to Cut Orange Production in Turkey

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Turkey is forecast to produce 1.32 million metric tons (MMT) of fresh oranges in 2022–23, down from 1.75 MMT in 2021–22. The decrease is due to freezing weather conditions during the orange-blossoming period in March 2022. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) issued the updated forecast.


The yield decrease in 2022–23 was heaviest in the Washington variety, which accounts for 70% of total orange production. The second most affected variety was the Yapha, with 22% losses. Other varieties averaged 15% losses.

In 2022–23, orange exports are expected to fall to 185,000 metric tons (MT), tumbling from 389,000 MT in 2021–22. Russia, Iraq, and Ukraine are the leading export destinations.

In 2021–22, exports to Iraq and Syria increased since exporters prioritized Middle Eastern countries as a result of maximum residue limit concerns by Russian authorities. In the meantime, citrus shipments to Russia and Ukraine were complicated because of the war in Ukraine.

However, orange exports from October to April of the 2022–23 marketing year were down 60% compared to the same period in the prior season. Since the beginning of 2022–23, there is a significant decrease in orange exports to Iraq due to Turkish producers shifting to supply the Russian market, which has more profitable export prices. Additionally, Iraqi producers are making concerted efforts to influence Iraqi financial institutions to lessen support for the imports of fruits and vegetables.

In 2022–23, orange imports into Turkey are expected to stagnate at 43,000 MT, the same as the prior two seasons. Almost all orange imports come from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Turkey’s orange imports depend on domestic production, but the imports from TRNC are a way for Turkey to support TRNC economically and politically.

See the full USDA FAS report on Turkey citrus here.

Source: USDA FAS

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