HLB Quarantine Requirements Updated for California

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California’s Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Division (CPDPD) has officially updated the requirements for moving bulk citrus fruit within and from a huanglongbing (HLB) quarantine area to a packer/processor. CPDPD is part of the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Here’s an overview of the newly updated requirements, per the CPDPD’s Citrus Grower/Grove Manager Information page:

  1. If you are moving bulk citrus within a contiguous HLB quarantine zone, there is now no mitigation required. If you are moving bulk citrus within a contiguous HLB quarantine area, but out of the original ACP (Asian citrus psyllid) regional quarantine zone (i.e., Orange County to Riverside County), one HLB mitigation is required.
  2. If you are moving bulk citrus between two non-contiguous HLB quarantine zones (i.e., Riverside County to Ventura County), there is now one HLB mitigation required.
  3. If you are moving bulk citrus outside of an HLB quarantine area, but within the same county (i.e., San Diego HLB quarantine zone to San Diego ACP regional quarantine zone), there is one HLB mitigation required.
  4. If you are moving bulk citrus fruit to an area outside of the HLB quarantine zone and outside of the origin county (i.e., Ventura HLB quarantine zone to Kern County), two HLB mitigations or a wet wash are required.

All fruit, no matter of its origin or destination, must be completely safeguarded with a tarp or enclosed vehicle while in transit per requirements listed in the compliance agreement. The CPDPD will be signing revised compliance agreements with growers within an HLB quarantine, as well as packers/processors receiving fruit from a quarantined area.

See a list of HLB resources for California growers here.

For questions regarding citrus fruit movement requirements, contact your local agricultural commissioner, email Keith Okasaki at or call 916-274-6300.

Source:  CPDPD

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