Orange and OJ Production in China

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Both orange and orange juice (OJ) production in China are forecast to increase in 2023–24 compared to the prior year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) reported.


Orange production is expected to reach 7.63 million metric tons (MMT), up from 7.6 MMT the prior year.

The forecast anticipates the Jiangxi province — the largest navel orange production area in China — will increase its production by 15%.

Chinese orange acreage is expected to be unchanged in 2023–24 at 816,530 hectares.  

China’s orange imports for 2023–24 are expected to be slightly down year-on-year at 210,000 metric tons (MT) because strong domestic production is decreasing the need for imports. Also, the slow economy is encouraging consumers to be increasingly price conscious; imported oranges are sold at a premium.

China’s orange exports in 2023–24 are expected to remain stable at 50,000 MT, about the same as the 49,428 MT registered in 2022–23. Top export destinations for Chinese fresh oranges in 2022–23 were Vietnam (accounting for 42.7% market share, down 12% from the prior year), Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Macao.


OJ production in 2023–24 is forecast at 17,500 MT, up nearly 3% from the previous year. The increase assumes a slightly increasing volume of oranges to be delivered for processing as a result of the increased orange production.

Frozen orange juice imports in 2023–24 are forecast to remain flat at 119,000 MT.

Total orange juice exports in 2023–24 are forecast at 3,200 MT, up from the previous year’s revised data due to strong demand in other Asian countries. Top export destinations are expected to be Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mongolia and Thailand.

View the full USDA FAS report on China.

Source: USDA FAS

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