Global Grapefruit Production to Rise

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Global grapefruit
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Global grapefruit production in 2023–24 is estimated up slightly from the prior year to 6.9 million tons, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) reported. A slight increase in China more than offset lower production in South Africa. World exports of grapefruit are projected to increase while fruit for processing is forecast to be lower.

Here are regional grapefruit forecasts:

China production is forecast up slightly to 5.2 million tons due to favorable weather and higher yield. Exports and fruit for processing are expected to be up with the increased production.

Mexico production is forecast up 2% to 500,000 tons with growth tempered by high production costs and logistics. Exports are expected to be up with the higher production.

South Africa production is forecast down 5% to 400,000 tons. Exports are forecast to be up as less fruit goes to processing and the Port of Durban operations return to normalcy by the time the grapefruit export season commences in March. China and the European Union are expected to be the top export markets for South African grapefruit.

United States production is forecast up 6% to 316,000 tons as output in Florida rebounds from the impacts of Hurricane Ian. Fruit for processing and exports are projected to be up with the rise in supplies. Imports are also forecast to be higher due to demand.

Turkey production is forecast to rise 10% to 217,000 tons as favorable weather enhances freeze recovery. The European Union and Russia are anticipated to be the top export markets.

European Union production is forecast to be up 6% to 104,000 tons due to recovery from last year’s drought in Spain. Imports are expected to decline due to expected lower demand. Exports are forecast to be up with the rise in production.

See the full USDA FAS report on world citrus here.

Source: USDA FAS

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