Citrus Achievement Award

Seeking Nominations for the Citrus Achievement Award

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Citrus Achievement Award
Last year, grower Glenn Beck earned the Citrus Achievement Award for his industry advocacy and his positive attitude toward the future of Florida citrus.

Since 2001, the Citrus Achievement Award honor has grown into the gold standard of industry recognition for those who have made and continue to make a significant impact within and even beyond the citrus community. This year, the award is moving to Citrus Industry magazine to keep the tradition thriving for many years to come.

Citrus Achievement Award

The Citrus Achievement Award is presented to an individual grower, allied member, legislator, researcher or anyone else who stands out through leadership, innovation, dedication and active participation on behalf of the citrus industry.


Your help is needed to select the next honoree. Let us know who the 2024 Citrus Achievement Award winner should be and why. If you have someone in mind and are seeking to nominate a candidate, email

The winner will be featured in Citrus Industry magazine’s June cover story. Subsequently, the award will be presented during the Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference in June. As always, we thank you for your feedback and time in helping celebrate the finest the citrus industry has to offer.

Glenn Beck, last year’s winner, has been an industry workhorse advocating on behalf of growers in his various roles serving industry associations like Florida Citrus Mutual and Farm Bureau. And he’s a firm believer in the future of the citrus industry. 


Candidates should meet the following requirements for consideration:

  • Be actively involved with citrus production as a grower, packer/processor, marketer, industry stakeholder or researcher
  • Has had a measurable impact on the citrus industry within the last three years
  • Be actively involved in one or more citrus industry organizations or associations
  • Has demonstrated commitment to the future of the citrus industry, notwithstanding personal gain
  • Be a leader who is recognized and respected by industry peers.

The deadline for nominations is April 2, 2024.

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