Citrus Administrative Committee

Nominations Needed for Florida’s Citrus Administrative Committee

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Citrus Administrative Committee

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking nominees for 10 grower members and 10 alternate members for the Citrus Administrative Committee (CAC). The committee is also accepting nominations for a public member and public alternate.

Nominations will be accepted through April 16. Voting will take place April 23 at a nomination meeting via Zoom.

The CAC administers a federal marketing order for fresh Florida citrus. The marketing order authorizes quality regulations, research and promotion programs, as well as markings, pack and container regulations and volume control for citrus grown in Florida.

Eligible nominees for the grower member positions include:

  • Producers of citrus fruit for the fresh market
  • Producers who also ship or are employees of shippers

At least one grower member nominee and related alternate must be affiliated with a bona fide cooperative marketing organization. The public member and alternate may not have a financial interest in the citrus industry. The appointed members will serve two-year terms beginning Aug. 1, 2024.

To submit a nomination or for meeting information, contact Citrus Administrative Committee Manager Peter Chaires at or 321-214-5252, or USDA Marketing Specialist Jen Varela at or 863-324-3375.

More information about the Citrus Administrative Committee is available on the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service’s (AMS) webpage or on the CAC website.

AMS provides oversight to fruit, vegetable and specialty crop marketing orders and agreements to help ensure fiscal accountability and program integrity. AMS policy is that diversity of the boards, councils and committees it oversees should reflect the diversity of their industries in terms of the experience of members, methods of production and distribution, marketing strategies and other distinguishing factors. Throughout the full nomination process, the industry must conduct extensive outreach, paying particular attention to reaching underserved communities.

Source: USDA AMS

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