Argentine Orange and Tangerine Forecasts Slashed

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) has reduced its 2023–24 production forecasts for Argentine oranges and tangerines by 44% and 30%, respectively, since the last forecasts. The 2023–24 crops are now expected to be 650,000 metric tons (MT) of oranges and 280,000 MT of tangerines. 

The decrease in production is due to a combination of factors, including worse than expected weather conditions like drought and untimely rain during harvest. The adverse weather, worsened by the extended drought being more severe than expected, led to damage to many orange and tangerine trees. Fruit size and yield were negatively affected, reducing overall production.


Oranges and tangerines are grown in both the northwestern (oranges) and northeastern (oranges and tangerines) regions of Argentina. The main orange varieties grown in northwestern Argentina are Hamlin, Pineapple, Robertson and Navel. In the northeast, they are Navel, Salustiana and improved

Valencia (Midnight, Delta Seedless). The main tangerine varieties are Clementina, Clemenvilla, Ellendale, Malvasio, Montenegrina, Murcott and Ortanique.


The projected planted area for 2023–24 remains unchanged for oranges and tangerines at 37,000 hectares and 26,900 hectares, respectively, since the last official estimates. There has been no significant investment in area expansion in recent years.


The tonnage of oranges that will be processed in MY 2023–2024 is projected to increase 10% to 220,000 MT.

The tonnage of tangerines that will be processed is projected to increase 33% to 80,000 MT.


Fresh orange exports from Argentina are forecast at 35,000 MT for 2023–24, a decrease of 53%.

Tangerine exports are estimated at 24,000 MT, a decrease of 57%.

See the full USDA FAS semi-annual report on Argentine citrus, which covers lemons, oranges and tangerines, here.

Source: USDA FAS

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