ReMedium TI®

ReMedium TI Receives Exemption From Two-Year Restriction on Applications

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ReMedium TI®

ReMedium TI® has received a special local need label from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumers Services (FDACS). The label will remove the requirement that applications to treat citrus greening (HLB) cannot be made beyond two years in a row. For Florida citrus growers, this means those who have applied ReMedium TI® over the past two seasons now will be able to make a third trunk-injection application next season.

“We heard from many growers about the importance of keeping the momentum going gained over the past two seasons of treating citrus greening with ReMedium TI®,” says Tom Johnson, owner of TJ BioTech. “We worked hard on growers’ behalf to get this label clearance and want to extend a special thanks to the citrus industry for supporting this effort. This product has been proven to improve citrus tree health and lower the greening bacteria in trees. Being able to apply ReMedium TI® in the third year should improve that effect.”

ReMedium TI® received its original registration in 2022 and was considered a major breakthrough in the fight against citrus greening, which has devastated the Florida citrus industry since it was first confirmed in the state in 2005.


TJ BioTech is an agricultural input development company with products that range from live microbiology seed treatments to in-furrow and foliar molecules that increase plant efficiencies to antimicrobials that control bacterial plant diseases.

Source: TJ BioTech

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