Citrus Growers Can Begin Using Three Bactericides

Kelsey Fry Citrus

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, with the concurrence of the Environmental Protection Agency, has issued a Crisis Declaration that makes the use of three bactericides legal as of today. See the Crisis Declaration for details. Growers should make sure to have a copy of the Crisis Declaration and other portions of the attachment in their possession when utilizing these products. More specific label instructions will become available over the next several days, but growers may utilize the products at rates contained within this attachment until those label requirements are published.

The Citrus Research and Development Foundation’s Harold Browning issued the following statement on the Crisis Declaration:

Please see that attached announcement regarding Issuance of a Crisis Declaration from Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam involving Florida citrus growers’ ability to begin use of specific bactericide products. We encourage you to share this information with your constituents immediately so that they may incorporate this information into their short-term plans.

The information contained in the attachment from FFVA/TPR provides an announcement and a copy of the formal letter outlining the terms of the Crisis Declaration. This Letter of Crisis Declaration serves as the legal authorization for use, and the terms must be followed explicitly. In addition, the attached file contains a comparison table of the products involved. Please read all of the information carefully and follow product information provided here and from your supplier.

As with all agricultural tools, it is critically important that growers begin their use of these products with stewardship in mind, considering the importance of rotation of active ingredients for resistance management, adherence to rates, application timing, intervals between applications, and pre-harvest intervals. Safety considerations for application of these materials must also be followed.

The attached document also identifies contacts for further questions and information.

CRDF is proud to provide support to the Florida citrus industry.