Improved Rootstock Selection Tool

Josh McGill Citrus, Citrus Greening

Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide: New Custom Query Option

The third edition of the Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide was recently released online at and has now been expanded to include an expert system to aid growers in rootstock selection. The expert system was developed as a collaborative effort of Steve Rogers, Bill Castle, Steve Futch and Andrew Persaud. This newly added function allows the users to provide information about their proposed site (horticultural, tolerances, and pest and diseases of concern) to generate rootstock suggestions. From the grower-supplied information, the expert system analyzes the 900 factors in the rootstock selection guide to generate a ranked list of the best rootstocks for that site based on the user’s criteria. This expert system does not store or archive any data that is supplied by the user, but allows the user to print a copy of suggested rootstocks. The program can be found at

For more information, please contact Steve Futch at or Andrew Persaud at or by phone at 863-956-1151.

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