Gose Discusses Citrus Bactericides for HLB and Production

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John Gose

Citrus grower John Gose with Lykes Brothers joined 30 others discussing the use of bactericides for HLB at a Sebring roundtable event on Wednesday. Gose says his company has made one application of bactericides and is in the process of making a second. “So far we haven’t seen a lot,” he says. “It’ll be probably fall before we start recognizing benefits of it.” He explains why he is tank-mixing the bactericides to apply them with other sprays. When another person at the roundtable lamented that people are struggling economically by producing only 250 boxes of grapefruit per acre, Gose got chuckles with his response. “I’ll take the 250 boxes he’s talking about!” Gose said. He discusses his company’s production in the face of HLB, and says he’s optimistic that the bactericides that became available this spring will provide relief.

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