BASF Announces Label for Priaxor® Fungicide for Florida Citrus

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BASF announces that Priaxor® fungicide has received federal and Florida approval for use on all citrus varieties in Florida. Priaxor® fungicide is already being used in sugarcane and vegetables throughout the state and the United States.

Priaxor® fungicide is a mixture of the active ingredient in Headline® fungicide and a new systemic fungicide Xemium®. Testing in Florida has shown the product to be effective in helping control several diseases including black spot, greasy spot and melanose.

Priaxor® fungicide is also being tested for helping to manage PFD. The product will be used in large-scale testing this fall to determine its effectiveness in helping to reduce fruit drop as well.

See the label. Please feel free to contact any of the people below if you have further questions.

Garry Gibson 772-473-1726
Adrian Jahna 863-443-2404
Joe Mitchell 813-967-0025
Gaylon Pfeiffer 813-967-0024
Doug Haller 919-547-2013

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