bactericides for HLB

Snively Discusses Use of Bactericides for HLB

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bactericides for HLB

Jim Snively

Jim Snively of Southern Gardens Citrus says his company is trying bactericides for HLB on one-tenth of its 10,000 citrus acres. The company is working with the Citrus Research and Development Foundation to analyze fruit drop, tree condition and more in blocks treated with bactericides. He believes it will take two to three years to determine if the bactericides are effective against HLB.

Snively says the cost of using bactericides ranges from $40 to $160 per acre each year depending on the number of applications and other factors.

“It’s another tool,” he says. “I think we just to need to wait and find out what it’s going to look like, what the results are. If it works, that’s great, because we’re in that situation today that we need everything we can to hang on until the ultimate answer comes … I still continue to say, the ultimate answer is going to be tolerant or resistant trees.”

Snively was one of four growers sharing their experiences with bactericides in a panel discussion at the recent Citrus Expo.

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