Complimentary Copy of Citrus Tree Nutrition Book for Growers

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Front Cover high res 300CMYKA brand new book, “The Critical Importance of Citrus Tree Nutrition,” recently made its debut at Citrus Expo. Growers who attended the event were able to receive a free copy of the book, courtesy of TKI Crop Vitality. Due to the popularity of the book, TKI is extending the promotion to Florida citrus growers who have not yet received a copy. Growers who register here by September 30, 2016, will receive one complimentary copy of the book.

TKI Crop Vitality is honored to help AgNet Media (publisher of the book) bring this free resource to the Florida citrus industry. Authored by citrus Extension agent Mongi Zekri, the book contains a collection of 14 articles previously published in Citrus Industry magazine. Topics include details on nutrients essential to citrus production, how to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of nutritional programs, foliar fertilization and more.CropVitality-Large-Metal

Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. (TKI) is the world’s largest producer of sulfur-based liquid plant nutrients to the agriculture industry. TKI Crop Vitality liquid fertilizers deliver essential nutrients to citrus trees and help control soil bicarbonates. Since the products are soluble and readily available for uptake, they help growers follow 4R nutrient stewardship principles. Easy-to-apply TKI Crop Vitality liquid fertilizers can be injected through micro jet irrigation systems for precision application. They can also be blended with most liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and crop protection products.

To learn more about these performance-enhancing plant nutrients, visit or contact Ed Lounds, Crop Vitality Specialist, at or 772-332-9870.

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